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Gross Wages Earned By Caregivers Just Like You!

Are You A

Great Caregiver?

If you want to take charge and work for yourself, we want to offer you the opportunity to Earn More, Set Your Own Hours and Have a True Say of When & Where You Work!

We want to help you find a great family to work for and take pride in making that happen every day for thousands of caregivers just like you.

How We Work

Families call us daily looking for the very best caregivers to help their loved ones. We introduce them to the top candidates who best fit their unique needs, budget, schedule and personality. We’ll send out Job Notifications to all caregivers who fit the Family Profile and you’ll be able to see the General Location of the job, the Days/Nights Needed, the Family Budget (which is always negotiable between you and the family), the Duties Needed and the General Family Situation which details what they’re looking for in a caregiver and diagnosis for the prospective client.

You’ll be able to apply to work for the family and answer a short Family Questionnaire which helps both you and the family learn about expectations/experience. We present your Caregiver Profile to the family and they will decide who to interview. If they call you for an interview you’ll be able to ask questions about what’s expected and negotiate pay / final schedule. If you both agree it’s a good match, and the family hires you, we handle the weekly payroll for each family.   

"Caregiving is a calling, and you should be rewarded for the incredibly valuable work you do for your families”


We see a large gap between what an agency charges a family and what you earn. We feel that you should have a greater say in what you earn, where you work and what families you serve. You shouldn’t have to struggle to make a living wage. You deserve better, and we’d like to help you achieve more.


Of Your Profession

You’ll earn more money and choose who you work for… but with that comes the responsibility of delivering exceptional service for the families who hire you. We will work hard to find the perfect match for you, it’s your job to make it easy for us to recommend you!