BubbieCare was created to provide a system where the best caregivers could thrive FINANCIALLY & EMOTIONALLY.

If you feel like you would make a great addition to the BubbieCare Network, then we want to hear from you!

I'm Fabiola, your personal Care Coordinator!

I’m here to answer any questions you might have on how BubbieCare can help you earn more money for your family and how to navigate the process of becoming a BubbieCare Caregiver.

Caregiving is a calling, and you should be rewarded for the incredibly valuable work you do for your families​

We see a large gap between what an agency charges a family and what you earn. We feel that you should have a greater say in what you earn, where you work and what families you serve. You shouldn’t have to struggle to make a living wage. You deserve better and we’d like to help you achieve more.

You’ll earn more money and choose who you work for… but with that comes the responsibility of delivering exceptional service for the families who hire you. We will work hard to find the perfect match for you, it’s YOUR JOB to make it easy for us to recommend you!

Your Next Steps

1. Create a Caregiver Profile

This profile will be the first point of contact you have with families, so take time to create it and write a wonderful bio that reflects everything you bring to the table as a caregiver. Remember, each time you apply to work for a family, they are looking at other exceptional caregivers in your community… so your profile needs to stand out and really showcase you as a person and a caregiver!

2. Pass Your Interview & Background Check​

After you’ve completed your profile, you will be contacted by a Care Coordinator to schedule your interview. Your interview will be held online via Zoom. Please make sure you download the app on your phone and are prepared for your interview as you are graded on your punctuality and overall professionalism during the interview itself.

The background checks we perform are more strict than what agencies administer as we are looking for only the best caregivers in our community to help our clients. If you have a concern about something in your background, please ask a Care Coordinator if it would preclude you from becoming a member of BubbieCare. The checks are comprehensive and the issue will show when we run it.

3. Apply To Work Directly For Families​

Every time a family in your area reaches out to us for help finding a caregiver to hire we create and send out a Job Post to you. This posting will detail everything the family is looking for in a caregiver, the duties they need, the open shifts they are looking to fill and the pay rate they are offering.

You are free to apply for any Job Post you receive and can request a higher rate of pay directly on the posting itself. If you are chosen by the family for an interview and they ultimately hire you, we will add you to the family’s payroll and schedule.

4. You'll Work Directly For The Family & Be Paid Via Direct Deposit Each Week​

If you are hired by a BubbieCare Family, we will process the family’s payroll each week and you will be paid based off the hours you work and the pay rate you negotiated with the family.

Since you work directly for the family, there is never a need for your to contact us for permission to work later or earlier. If the family asks you to perform tasks or duties you are not comfortable with, you are free to tell them no and work on a solution directly with them. You work for yourself and set your own rules for employment.

We simply ask that you always remain professional in your dealings with your employers as your performance reflects on BubbieCare as a trusted source for families to find and hire caregivers.

You Are Your Own Boss


You’ll decide which family you want to apply to work for and what shifts, what duties and what pay YOU want​

Families are charged less so they can afford to pay you more​

There is NEVER a charge to you to be in our system​

Your information is NEVER shared with anyone unless YOU apply to work for them​

Access to your Personal Care Coordinator who will help you find employment in your area​

Enjoy Membership Benefits such as discounts at local businesses, free educational courses and even a financial scholarship​