I will personally help you find

My Promise To You

My partners and I have one goal – to help you find and hire the best possible caregiver and to give back to the Jewish Community who’ve been there for so many of us.

We’ve spent countless hours developing a system to attract the very best caregivers in your community. We evaluate them on multiple levels and continue to monitor their professionalism and compassion through the work they do for our families.

If your family needs help finding a caregiver, please give us a call.

Lawrence Maze

Founder of BubbieCare & Former President of JFS of Austin


Call now for a free care consult

You’ll speak with a Care Coordinator who will go over all your care needs and discuss your options. Once we have a good idea of what your specific needs are, we will begin the search for your perfect caregiver!

During this consult, we will go over the following:

    How do we have the BEST CAREGIVERS IN AUSTIN?

    We only RECRUIT the very best caregivers in your community and reward them with a path towards a greater quality of life. By cutting our admin fees in more than half, vs a standard agency, we create a system where your caregiver can earn significantly more!

    BubbieCare has a low admin fee. This affords many families the ability to pay their caregiver a much higher hourly rate and translates into a caregiver who is invested in the care of your loved ones.

    BubbieCare Is Proud To Help Our Austin Community!

    Since launching in late 2019, BubbieCare continues to give back to the Jewish Community through their donations to Jewish Family Service and Shalom Austin as 18% of all Net Profits goes directly to local Jewish Family Service. There are no extra fees to our families… it’s simply our way of helping an amazing organization that is doing so much for all of us here in Austin!

    $ 0

    Meet a few of the Professional Caregivers in Austin!

    Why choose BubbieCare?

    We’ve recruited the top caregivers in your community and put them through a rigorous screening and interview process. All to ensure we only recommend the very best for your family.

    How do we recruit and maintain the best? We provide them an opportunity to earn significantly more money vs agencies. We give them a say in who they work for, when they work and what type of work they do for their families. We work hard to match them with a family who fits their skill set and personality so they don’t feel like they’re punching a clock each day… they’re focused on giving the best possible care to a family that truly appreciates all they have to offer!

    BubbieCare Donations

    BubbieCare donates a significant amount of their profits to the local Jewish Family Service in your community. So, for every dollar in BubbieCare Fees you pay on a weekly basis, BubbieCare will be donating a percentage of those fees to JFS.

    For each city BubbieCare is in, we hope to be donating tens of thousands of dollars annually to their local JFS!

    Personal Care Coordinator

    Your Care Coordinator is always here for you. Whether you’re looking to hire your first caregiver, a replacement caregiver or have questions about how best to handle any problems that might arise… their main focus is easing your stress and helping you find and maintain the best possible care for your family.

    Thorough Vetting Process

    Each caregiver is personally interviewed and screened by a Care Coordinator whose job is to evaluate their expertise, compassion, honesty and dependability. They then must pass a comprehensive background check, provide references and must undergo continued evaluation based upon their interviews and job performances for our families.

    The Science of Compassion

    BubbieCare has developed a unique blend of science and personal compassion to best match you with a caregiver who’ll become part of your family. Through personal one-on-one consultation, accredited Behavioral & Personality Assessments and a unique Algorithm Matching software, we cut the time dramatically in finding you great caregivers… but we don’t stop there!

    To truly match you with the perfect caregiver, your Care Coordinator will further filter down your ideal candidates through their personal interactions they’ve shared with those caregivers. You will only be presented with the Very Best Matches for your family.

    Stress Free Solutions

    We don’t stop at simply helping you find the perfect caregiver. We also offer you hands-free, automated solutions for:

    • Payroll
    • IRS Compliant Tax Management
    • Online Scheduling
    • GPS Verified Time Clock Systems
    • Filing of Insurance Claims
    • And Much More!

    No matter your needs, BubbieCare has designed a system of services to help give you peace of mind.

    From Our Families

    "I can't thank you enough for the caregiver we found for my mom! We couldn't afford an agency and we honestly didn't know what to do until a friend recommended your site. Thank you so much for everything you've done for our family!"
    Chris B. from Houston, TX
    "BubbieCare came through for us! Our in-home healthcare worker had to take off a couple of days for an emergency. When BubbieCare heard about it, pretty much last minute, they went into emergency mode to make sure my mother was assisted."
    Lynda R from Round Rock, TX
    "Just had to write to thank you for finding Marilyn. Marilyn is the caregiver for my Mother who turned 99 years old yesterday. Marilyn was able to walk into her environment and win her heart in the first 10 minutes. Her beautiful smile and friendly personality simply lit up the room when we first met."
    Mikey H. from Austin, TX