BubbieCare Benefits JFS While Matching Families with Caregivers

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By Tonyia Cone

When Lawrence Maze needed to find a caregiver for his mother, he was surprised by the way the home care industry operated. Sure there was a better way, he sought to improve the process for caregivers and for families in need of assistance. His efforts created BubbieCare, which offers a personalized, mutually beneficial matchmaking home healthcare service with the added benefit of giving back to the Jewish community.

Shalom Austin Jewish Family Service has had a strong relationship with BubbieCare for many years as one of the companies JFS recommends to clients who need home healthcare services. A JFS preferred provider partner, BubbieCare now donates 18 percent of net profits directly to clients’ local JFS.

Maze served on the JFS cabinet for more than 14 years and was president for four years. Gil Levy, Shalom Austin chief social services officer and JFS executive director, explained that while donating to JFS is new, serving the Jewish community has long been a priority for the company.

“Jewish Family Service often works with community members seeking guidance and support as they come to terms with the need for a caregiver, whether it be for themselves or for a loved one,” Levy said. “Lawrence and his team have a long track record of providing stellar caregiver services in our community. They do so with cultural competence, top quality professionalism, and a customizable service menu that simplifies the process of selecting a skilled caregiver who will be the right fit for each situation.

Maze explained that his goal is to treat people with dignity and respect, reduce the inherent stress of finding care and to help people age in a place where they are most comfortable. To that end, BubbieCare uses personal consultations, assessments and software to match each family with a list of top caregivers who fit their care needs while also offering stress-free payroll, tax management and online scheduling solutions. BubbieCare rigorously screens and interviews caregivers, and the family gets to choose which caregiver to interview and ultimately hire.

In order for BubbieCare to attract the best caregivers, they offer an opportunity to earn significantly more money over typical agency offerings and by giving them a say in who they work for, when they work and what type of work they do for their families.

“We work hard to match them with a family who fits their skill set and personality so they don’t feel like they’re punching a clock each day,” explained Maze on BubbieCare’s website. “They’re focused on giving the best possible care to a family that truly appreciates all they have to offer.”

“You’re asking a stranger to come in and take care of your loved one, when you invite a new caregiver into your house. You want to make sure that caregiver is going to treat your loved one with dignity and respect. Well, treat the caregiver with respect, too. It goes a long way to making sure it all works. We want everyone treated properly,” he told the Jewish Outlook.

To help families reward their caregivers with higher wages, BubbieCare keeps their administration fees much lower than that of a typical agency. Maze explained that families who switch to BubbieCare from an agency, or are using BubbieCare for the first time, will typically pay the same or less than they would at an agency, and many are surprised at how much more of the total care cost goes directly to the caregivers who become part of their family. With BubbieCare’s new partnership with JFS, they are also helping families in need within their community with BubbieCare’s donations.

Since launching the donation program in September, BubbieCare has donated more than $6,700 to JFS in Austin. Maze expects the company to expand to San Antonio, Houston and Dallas in 2020 and for the donation amount to skyrocket.

Levy said, “BubbieCare’s model of giving back is a remarkable example of how the business community can support nonprofit human services. Their track record as leaders in the field make it easy to recommend their services to people in need, and their financial support promises to help build our organizational capacity so that JFS can be more impactful.”