The Different Factors Effecting Your Care Cost

  • Caregiver Pay
    The Hourly Wage you negotiate with your caregiver. This will be decided by both you and your caregiver.
  • Employer Taxes
    In Texas, the beginning rate for State/Federal Employer Taxes is 10.95% of your Caregiver Pay Rate.
  • BubbieCare Fees
    The Standard BubbieCare Fees are $5.95 per hour added on top of the Caregiver Rate + Employer Taxes.

Two Ways To Determine Your Caregiver's Rate Of Pay

Your Care Budget

Use the Slider below to set your Total Hourly Care Budget and see what Hourly Rate you can afford to pay your Caregiver.

Caregiver Rate

Use the Slider below to adjust the Rate of Pay offered to your caregiver to see how it effects your Total Care Cost.

What Will Be MyTotal Cost / Week?

In order to determine your Total Care Cost for the week, please enter in the Hourly Rate you would like to offer your caregiver and the number of hours that caregiver will generally work in a given week.