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Client Website
CPO CyberHR and Document Manager
ESS Change and Time Off Requests
New Features
Marketing Payroll in a Pandemic
PAI – The Myths about Small Business 401(k)
Basic CPO Training
CPO Demonstration Video
CPO Notifications and Communication
CPO CyberBenefits
Dev/Tech Forum
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On-Demand Resources

Please take advantage of the pre-recorded events.

CyberPay Basic Training
Overview of Products and Help Systems
Bureau Setup
Company Setup
Employee Setup
Payroll Processing
ACH Files & Tax Payments

CyberPay Online Phoenix Training for Bureaus
CPO Phoenix Overview for Bureaus (Training Video)
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Application Webinar for Bureaus (Training Video)
Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Nelco Site Use and General Information (Training Video)
CPO Phoenix Reporting (Training Video)
GetHired Integration with Phoenix (Training Video)
CPO Phoenix – Document Storage (Training Video)

CyberPay Online Phoenix Training for End Clients
CPO Phoenix Demo (Demo Video)
How To Create an Employee Self Service Account (Training Video)
How To Add a New Employee (Training Video)
How To Process Payroll (Training Video)
Built In & Custom Reporting Overview (Training Video)
CyberHR Demo (Training Video)


For full access to all year-end trainings, visit our year end page.

Recent Webinars

PAi Retirement Solution Webinar (Webinar Video)
Ban-Koe Vidix – New Time & Attendance Partner (Webinar Video)
How to Incorporate a 401k Offering (Webinar Video)
ZayZoon New Features (Webinar Video)
ZayZoon New Features (PowerPoint)

Subscription Based Webinars

How To Sell Phoenix to End Clients by Training Bureau Staff First (Webinar PDF)
Options & Best Practices for Entering New Clients Mid-Year (Webinar Zipped Folder)
Creating Better Reports with Date Range and Criteria (Webinar Zipped Folder)
Ad Hoc Reporting (Webinar PDF)
Billing Woes: Avoid Reversals by Making Changes During Payroll (Webinar PDF)
Garnishment Setup and Payment Options (Webinar PDF)
Restaurant Pay Made Easy (Webinar PDF)
Set Up and Troubleshoot Accruals (Webinar PDF)
Certified Payroll Setup and Processing (Webinar PDF)
Making Tax Payments More Automated in CyberPay (Webinar PDF)

New Product Features

New Features Q1 2019 

Additional Training to Fit Your Needs

With each purchase of our software, training and basic implementation is included. At times, the need for more education arises. This may be true in the payroll software area and in other areas as well. We currently offer the following opportunities for continuing education:

Additional Online Training
Every month we offer our initial training online. We highly recommend enrolling new staff members in this training. In addition, within one year of purchase, you and your staff members have the opportunity to attend online training as many times as needed with no additional charge!

$850 per bureau for a private class at time of your choosing OR $450 to join an already scheduled class.

Advanced Training: Online
If you want to go deeper on any specific CyberPay topics, we can create a training session customized for your needs. Intermediate CyberPay users, payroll processors, and anyone that wants to expand their knowledge of CyberPay should attend.

Upfront fee of $250 for course preparation plus $125/hr for the training.

Advanced Training: On-site
Sometimes there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. If this is what you prefer, we’ll send our trainer to your location to work with your team on your chosen areas of focus. This costs $1300/day plus travel expenses.