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Educational Classes

Make your profile truly stand out with Course Badges or learn more about the health of your clients or family.

Educational Classes

Whether you’re looking to further your own education, learn of new techniques in your field or are simply curious, we have great Online Courses for you!

Earn Badges on Profile

For every approved Course listed below, you will receive a Badge which will be prominently displayed on your Caregiver Profile. These Badges will help you stand out from other caregivers who've applied to work for families you are interested in working for.

Brush Up on techniques

Has it been a while since you've worked with a client who needed a Hoyer lift or who needed catheter assistance? Take a course which helps you either learn new techniques in helping your families or simply refresh your memory.

Become More Well Rounded

Are you interested in learning more about the struggles clients with dementia go through on a daily basis? Want to discover nutrition tips which can help clients keep their blood sugar down and help battle diabetes? There are hundreds of courses available ranging from a variety of subjects.

Free Courses To Earn Badges

Below are a list of the current courses we have available to earn Badges for your Caregiver Profile.