BubbieCare is proud to announce that we are now offering our wonderful caregivers an opportunity to earn more money and receive extra benefits through our Caregiver Membership Program!

We are officially launching our Membership Levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum for our current and future caregiver members. To learn more about what each level of membership can get you, please click on the links associated with each level. Every active caregiver will start in Silver but can move up through actions listed below.

How To Earn Points And Level Up:

Family Referral = 2,500 Points

Family Referral using our service for 20 hour or more per week and will continue to count each quarter the family is using our service. PLUS, earn real money for every hour the family books!

Caregiver Referral = 500 Points

For each caregiver referral approved to be in our network. PLUS, earn real money when that caregiver first gets hired by a family!

Education Series Completion = 250 - 500 Points

Professional or personal growth classes from approved links on our website. Professional growth classes can also earn badges of completion to be displayed on your profile.

Family Testimonials = 150 Points

Testimonials from families we can share on our social media platforms website, use for advertisement purposes, and be displayed on your profile.

Acts of Kindness = 150 Points

For posting acts of kindness that we can share on our social media, website, and/or use for advertisement purposes.

Social Media Interaction = 50 Points

Per platform for sharing our ad, website, etc., on approved social media. Per Ad/Per platform