The BubbieCare Advantage For Our Families

At a time when your family needs guidance and help navigating the care needs of you or your loved one BubbieCare is there to ease the process and help connect families with qualified caregivers.

You choose which caregiver to interview and hire the one that has the skill set and personality you feel best fits your needs.

Liability Insurance

Our policies cover you for claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from caregiver services.


BubbieCare has a surety bond purchased from an Insurance company that will help our clients recover any financial losses.

Hands-Free, Automated Payroll Solutions

Your caregivers are paid each week via Direct Deposit on your behalf based on the hours recorded.

IRS Compliant Tax Management

BubbieCare will handle the entire setup and ongoing management of your tax accounts for you. Give us a call to begin the process – we will handle the rest from A to Z.

Online Schedules & GPS Tracked Time Clock

View your caregivers’ schedules and see their recorded Clock In/Out times and any Shift Notes.

24/7 Access to Care Coordinator for Fill-In / Replacement Care

Caregiver calls in sick on Sunday morning and none of your other approved caregivers can cover it? Give us a call and a Care Coordinator will begin working immediately to help you find a replacement!

The BubbieCare Advantage For The Caregivers

We provide them an opportunity to earn significantly more money vs agencies. We give them a say in who they work for, when they work and what type of work they do for their families. We work hard to match them with a family who fits their skill set and personality so they don’t feel like they’re punching a clock each day… they’re focused on giving the best possible care to a family that truly appreciates all they have to offer!

Significantly higher rates of pay

You have the ability to negotiate your pay rate directly with the families during your interview. Take charge of your profession with BubbieCare!

Covered by limited liability insurance policy

Our policies cover you for claims made by families involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your services.

Weekly direct deposits to their bank accounts

Each week, you’ll receive a Direct Deposit based on your recorded hours. Checks are also available should you desire.

Choice in where you work, who you work for and what you earn

Caregiving is a calling. You should be rewarded for your tireless efforts to help families in need. BubbieCare gives you a voice in your chosen profession because YOU DESERVE IT!

Unique Rewards Program

BubbieCare has a unique Rewards Program where you can earn rewards points for referring fellow caregivers and families to us. One of our caregivers has earned and cashed in over $3,000 this year alone!

You’ll speak with a Care Coordinator who will go over all your care needs and discuss your options. Once we have a good idea of what your specific needs are, we will begin the search for your perfect caregiver!

During this consult, we will go over the following:

If you would like a Care Coordinator to review your needs and answer any questions you might have, please visit the link below. You can fill out as much or as little information you want and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!