Do you want to EARN MORE MONEY?
You can earn $1000's extra each year!

BubbieCare is ALWAYS looking for the best caregivers possible for our growing list of families. They deserve the best care possible, so we need as many exceptional caregivers in our system!

For every caregiver you refer to BubbieCare who is hired by a family, you can earn between $5 and $50 depending on your Membership Level or current Promotions run by BubbieCare.

We want to reward you for introducing us to caregivers who are as awesome as you!

Whether it’s a family you currently work for, one you’ve heard about who needs care, or just a family looking for help with payroll… you can EARN BIG MONEY by simply having them call BubbieCare!

You will earn a percentage of our fees for every hour the family books with us based on your membership level. 

We love helping families find and hire great caregivers like you, so we think it’s only right that you share in any success you bring to BubbieCare. Start referring families today and you can earn $1000’s more a year!

Examples of How You Can Earn Money

BubbieCare was founded to better serve both our families in need AND the caregivers who care for them.

Julie Earns an extra $10,829/year

Julie refers a 24/7 client she's currently working for, plus a 40 hour a week client and one who needs 12 hours/day. That's 180 hours a week her referrals book with BubbieCare.

Julie is a Platinum Member with BubbieCare so she earns 12.5% of the fees we charge the family. This means she earns at total of approximately $900/mo paid out as $2,700 per Quarter (3 months).

Thomas earns $15 for each caregiver referral

Thomas is another Platinum Member who earns $15 for each caregiver he refers to BubbieCare who then finds employment with one of our families.

In the course of the year, Thomas has helped 8 of his colleagues find a great family to work for, which earns him an additional $120 by simply telling them about BubbieCare!

Melody earns over $64,000 a year making referrals

Melody is a retired CNA who has made great connections throughout her career in Houston. Through the years, she's solidified relationships with a few Rehab Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities along with a wealth of caregivers who take great care of their families.

Melody has been referring both caregivers and families to BubbieCare full-time, earning money for every hour families book for as long as they need care through BubbieCare!