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Companion Care

Personal Care

Respite Care

Palliative Care

Hospice Care

“ Why do we consider caregivers in our Network as the best for your family? ”

Caregivers in our Network earn significantly higher wages than with an agency. But to command such wages, we must have full trust in their Professionalism, Expertise and Compassion.

Every caregiver in our Network has gone through a thorough screening & vetting process, and they are continually evaluated from direct feedback we receive from our clients. If at ANY point we wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending them to our own friends and family – we remove them from our Network.

This philosophy frees us to focus on finding you the best possible caregiver who meets both your unique care needs, and the emotional needs of your loved one. 

Because a good caregiver will take great care of your family. But a great caregiver will become part of your family!

Our job is to make your Care Search as stress-free as possible!

Simple and FAST

Do you need a caregiver to start helping your family TODAY? You can interview & hire the perfect caregiver for your family WITHIN AN HOUR of calling us!

Care Coordinators

An experienced and professional Care Coordinator is assigned to your family who will personally assist you in finding and hiring a great caregiver for your family.

Automated Payroll

Our Stress-Free Payroll and Tax Management System takes care of the pay of your caregivers and tax filings seamlessly every pay period on your behalf.

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You’ll be assigned your own Personal Care Coordinator

Why Choosing Your Own Caregiver Is So Important

We feel that the Caregiver Agency Model is broken. So we developed a system where every family can hire a caregiver who is fully invested in the care and well-being of their loved ones.

When you’re looking for a great caregiver who will become part of your family, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Because your loved one isn’t looking for someone to simply fill a shift and perform duties. They’re looking for someone special to play an integral part in their life. After decades spent caring for their own family and community, they deserve nothing but the best.

So why settle for being sent a caregiver to come work for you when you can choose the perfect caregiver to welcome into your home?

Your caregiver can assist you with Showering, Toileting, Feeding, Incontinence, Grooming, Transfers, Safety & much more!

Whether you need a simple meal, or assistance in preparing a more complicated dietary meal plan, your caregiver can assist you.

Medical Services

Because your caregiver works directly FOR YOU, they are allowed to perform more medical-related services vs an Agency's caregivers.

Whether you need transportation to your medical appointments or running errands around town, your caregiver is there for you.

A Great Caregiver becomes part of your family. Which means they share in your daily life for more than simply performing tasks.

If you can no longer keep up with cleaning your household and the daily chores it takes to keep things in order, your caregiver can assist.

Don’t take our word for it — hear what your community is saying.

BubbieCare has been transformative for our clients and our agency. Their focus on the well-being and financial stability of their caregivers enables them to serve their clients and their families with incredible kindness and devotion. BubbieCare provides stability, reliability and is our top referral to clients and their families looking for caregivers.
Rabbi Amy Cohen, LMSW
Shalom Austin - JFS
"JFS Houston is so grateful to BubbieCare; they are an amazing resource to us and our clients. Their prompt response to a family in need, and their ability to provide clients and their families with a choice of outstanding, skilled caregivers that provide love and care has been invaluable to our clients. Both clients and families rave about their dedicated caregivers and feel incredibly thankful to BubbieCare and their commitment to quality of care."
Lina L. Burger, CEO
JFS Houston
"BubbieCare has been a fabulous resource for my family. We’ve used several agencies over the years, and what makes BubbieCare unique is the opportunity to interview and select the caregivers. For us, that has meant wonderful caregivers who are a good fit for our needs and have stayed with us for years. I also love knowing that, by hiring our caregivers through BubbieCare, we are helping to benefit Jewish Family Service."
Amy Greenspan
Family Member
"BubbieCare has found outstanding helpers for us for more than a year (following hip surgery) even on weekends. When one super aide left our part time job for full time at our new hospital, help was promptly supplied, and they are excellent as well. We are very satisfied with BubbieCare and would recommend the service to anyone needing assistance at home."
Betty G.
Family Member

Where You Hire Your Caregiver Matters

In-Home Care is expensive, but if you choose an Agency to cover your care – it will be your caregiver who ultimately pays the price.

Did you know that hiring a caregiver through BubbieCare will cost you the same as using an agency, but your caregiver will earn SIGNIFICANTLY more money? And you’ll be able to relax, knowing we handle all of the day-today stresses of employing a caregiver. 

Ask Us How Today

Some agencies still pay their caregivers as little as $9 an hour. Can you imagine being tasked with taking care of a family’s loved ones… but not being able to care for your own?

Call BubbieCare & You Can Make A Difference In Your Caregiver's Life

What Can BubbieCare Offer Me?

We’re here to take the stress and worry out of hiring and paying a caregiver for your family. Everything we do is towards that end.

Personal Care Coordinator

24/7 Availability

Your Care Coordinator is there to assist and guide you through every phase of finding and hiring the perfect caregiver for your family.

Care Matching With Professionally Vetted Caregivers

Vetted & Screened

We work hard to make the perfect match between you and the caregiver you hire so that both of you feel it's the perfect fit.

Automated Scheduling & Time Clock Management

Instant Access Anywhere

You can view your caregiver's Time Cards and see real-time updates to your Care Schedule and shifts worked by your caregiver.

Hands-Free, Stress-Free Payments To Caregivers

Automatic Direct Deposits

Each week we'll calculate the hours worked by your caregiver and Net Wages earned. Your caregiver is paid seamlessly and hands-free.

Automated Tax Payments & Filings

Stay Tax Compliant

Taxes and filings are complicated and burdensome... so we take all of that on for you and make your payments online and ON TIME!

Bonded & Insured

Peace of Mind

BubbieCare is a licensed and bonded company who maintains a $1M Limited Liability Insurance Policy which covers caregivers in our Network.

We do an amazing job of recruiting the top caregivers in your community

Take a look at some of the wonderful caregivers who work for our current families.


Sandra F


Cynthia P


Anthony V


Belay H


Melody B


Ufuoma A


Esphan I


Omelio B

CNA, MA, Surgical Assistant

Want To Become A Caregiver In The BubbieCare Network?

BubbieCare was created to provide a system where the best caregivers could thrive FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

If you would like to learn more about applying to become part of our growing network in your community please click the link here.

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